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Harry Potter

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Harry Potter, you live beneath the stairs.
Harry Potter, you've got unruly hair.
Harry Potter, the giant Hagrid he comes to call
You're not a Muggle after all

Harry Potter, you've got a cloaking cape
Harry Potter, beware Professor Snape
Harry Potter, up in the tower you have your room
You started flying on a broom

Harry Potter I'm quite sure
You'll like your life in Gryffindor
Harry Potter, you cast your spell on me
Harry Potter, when school starts
You'll fight against the darker arts
Harry Potter you cast your spell on me

Harry Potter, your books are super keen,
I love your bogey-flavored jelly bean.
Harry Potter, you're playin' Quidditch up in the sky
But just beware the evil eye.
(Voldemort! Aaah!)

Harry Potter, I think you will go far
Harry Potter, I dig your facial scar
Harry Potter, when you grow up what will you be?
When will you marry Hermione?
(Book Seven)
(I do...ha ha... I'm so pretty..ha ha..

Harry Potter, please don't end
Harry Potter, you're my friend
Harry Potter, I'll miss you when you're gone

Harry Potter, let me look
At the end of the seventh book
I gotta know how things turn out for you

Harry Potter


Music by Roy "Skippy" Orbison and Bill "Bill" Dees (BMI).
New lyric and arrangement by Tim "Knotty Boy" Jones.
Guest vocal percussion by Wes "Tyrant of the Magazines" Carroll http://www.mouthdrumming.com

Weston and Chris on the lead parts

This was inspired by reading some parodies on Harry Potter fan sites. We were looking for something to tap into the HP phenomenom, and this seemed like a good fit. The Lyrics were relatively easy to write, and it's fun.
It's one of our favorites to do in shows now, even though the other 3 didn't want to do it at first. We've gotten a lot of mileage out of it for publicity events, etc.
Wes recorded his vp when he was up in Utah for a vp seminar.

In the original demo version, there was a brief random conversation just before the big "Harry Potter" right at the end of the song:

"If you were a Dementor, what would be your name?"
"And if you were Pete, what would be your favorite garden vegetable?"
"I would love the squash, because I could squash them on bad people!"

Why this bit of pure comedy genius was removed from the CD version is an unsolvable mystery.


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