m o o s e b u t t e r

moosebutter fan creations

If the moosebutter experience compels you to create something (drawings, poetry, performance art, whatever), then send it to us and we'll put it up here on our virtual refrigerator for all to see.

Blue Moose, by Dee.
Scroll down a little to see Dee's other moosebutter-themed puppet creation, Fred.
More puppet goodness can be found on Dee's "Puppet Mania!" page.
blue moose

Snowmoose, by Caitlin and Megan yet again. "We were too cold to make the body in the 25 degree weather."

moosebutter in Homeworld, by Kirk

moosebutter in Cheerios, by Megan and Caitlin, our devoted Indiana fans

A moosebutter song by Holly, Ashleigh, Nikki and Tia:

moosebutter - It's a group we know
moosebutter - Puts on one heck of a show
moosebutter - It's A Cappella with comedy
Fun for the entire family
(I don't have to go potty)

moosebutter - We give you a high score
moosebutter - You made us want more
moosebutter - We saw you in Salt Lake City
You're voices blended in harmony

moosebutter you made us laugh
We met with friends and had a blast
moosebutter - we're glad that we met you
moosebutter you're so cool
We'd like to introduce you at school
moosebutter - this is what we'd say:

There's Tim, he's from Colorado
and Chris, he's the high voice in the show
moosebutter - that's just 2 out of the 4
Keep on listening and you'll hear more
(Listen!! - Aaah!!!!!!!!)
(There's 2 more to be named)

There's Jorge with the poofy hair
and Weston, short like a carebear
moosebutter, that's all 4 now and you will see
They'll go down in history
(Like Rudolph)
(He helps Santa)

moosebutter we love you
and your Harry Potter song too
moosebutter put out more See Dees
moosebutter sing some more
You're the ones that we adore
moosebutter we won't forget you.


Court returns after a despairingly long absence to bring us "Squirrels in the Nose":
moose cow

A new interpretation of "Moose Butter" by Savannah in Grand Junction:
moose cow

Some fans in Colorado drew some pictures. First, we have Amber's "Mosquito":
Mosquito by Amber!
Next we have Veggie Man by Emily and Susannan:
Veggie Man by Emily and Susannan
And finally we have Turkey Shoe by Kendall:
Turkey Shoe by Kendall

Stephen and Levi specifically requested this for their birthday cake this year:
moosebutter cake. Yum!

From Jimmy, a fan who was at our Christmas show in Springville:
Raise the moose

And from Jimmy's friend, Amanda, who was inspired by Jimmy's drawing:
Raise the moose version 2.0

The ever-dependable Court has caused Weston's worst fear to come true:
Weston Care Bear

A poem, submitted anonymously
Moosebutter Fly
By *******/*****

I am a moosebutterfly
You will not see me Flutter by
Only in dreams I reach the sky.
Don't you know? Moosebutters can't fly.

(If we did we might fall and die.)

The End
Harry Potter and the Moosebutter Men, by Jeremiah, who, by all reports, has never actually been a bullfrog
(as a side note, we'd like to say that Weston would make a great Hagrid, although the special effects budget to turn him into a giant would exceed the gross profits of the movie)
Harry Moose?
MooseButter, by Sarah (presumably Nathan's brother, since they have the same last name and e-mail domain):
Mmmmm.... buttered moose
Apparently someone named Nathan wants to start a Weston Fan Club:
We Love Weston
Man, we're going to have to set up a "Court fan art" page if she keeps this up:
moosebutter Harry Potter

And here's a photoshopped image by Petunia (who should also have her own section):
moosebutter Star Wars
Another Court creation (which makes more sense if you're familiar with the album art inside Led Zeppelin IV and you've heard moosebutter's Zeppelin homage)
Led Moose

Mr. Bug-Eyes, as imagined by Chandler after listening to Turkey Dance:
Mr. Bug-Eyes

Those of you who went to the BYU A Cappella Jam on March 26, 2005, were introduced to Fred. What we didn't mention during the show is that Fred was an unsolicited creation, made by Dee after her sister Petunia had the idea.

(...yes, the same Petunia who made the pumpkin shown below.)

(...yes, we're concerned about her sanity, too.)

So if for some reason you need a hand-made puppet, contact Dee. And if you need some... unique ideas on how to show your admiration for a comedy a cappella group, we can put you in contact with Petunia.

And now, without further ado, we in moosebutter proudly introduce you to our previously-unknown member, Fred:
Fred Fred

Petunia decorated her 2004 Halloween pumpkin in honor of us. We are honored, indeed.
moosebutter pumpkin

Did we say "performance art"? Apparently so:
SPAM fans
(These guys performed "SPAM" for a talent show. Note the oh-so-authentic monk robes.)

And now, behold not one, not two, not three, but four original moosebutter drawings created by the inimitable Court:
moosebutter Dancing Turkey Dancing Weston Ghost Chicken