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"Nothing is more better than Moosebutter!" - a fan in North Carolina

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Latest News/Musing:

Tim Tim - Tue, 1 Nov 2011 12:59 pm

New song, and new friends!

Finally, the soon-to-be-famous version of "Don't Stop buh-LEED-in" (parody of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing") is available for purchase and download in the moosebutter store. Recorded by Mister Tim, moosebutter, and Plumbers of Rome, it is sure to make you happy that you are not a supernatural creature.

We'd like to thank the BYU A Cappella Club for inviting us to perform @ BYU last week. Quests! This year is the club's 20th anniversary; stay connected with the a cappella club on facebook for more anniversary-year events! http://facebook.com/acappellaclub

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