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Cell Phone

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What's the nerve of you, talking on your cell phone?
Ain't you got nothing better to do, talking on your cell phone?
Walking down the sidewalk, sitting at home with your girlfriend? No end?
I wish you'd put it away that itty-bitty cell phone.

Drive your S.U.V. talking on your cell phone.
Miracle of technology your fancy cell phone.
You're walking around like it's glued to your ear with a ha ha, hee hee.
A new drug with a battery your cell phone.


In the movie we hear it ring your fancy little cell phone
In the restaurant hear it sing that trendy cell phone
Trade your stocks and buy a new car you're so important.
Cell phone cell phone cell phone cell phone...


Tim Y. Jones
Introducing Becca Silva as "The Cell Phone Girl"

The original lyric sheet had these directions:

"Cell Phone", a song of angst.
(begins with schmaltzy love song of your choice. When you get to a tasty cadence in the phrase, cell phone rings. It's one of the guys on stage. Rest of group trys to keep singing, but another one rings, it's another group members. Continue until all but bass are talking on phones. Bass begins, joined by baritone)

What's the nerve of you talk-in on yer cell phone...