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Fruitcake on my doorstep
Left here anonymously
Who brought this here, this bundle of cheer?
Who jingled all the way, hey, heeeeeeeeeeey

My fruitcake brings joy to my soul and a smile to my face
The mere thought of tasting this delectable dessert
Makes me giddy with anticipation
And I giggle like a happy pixie

My fruitcake!

Someone rang my doorbell
Ran off conspicuously
Who's out of sight this silent night?
Who made the yuletide gay, gay, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

I love my fruitcake



Solo by Weston (high screechy part), and Glen (channeling a dark manifestation of holiday angst that sounds like a cross between Doctor Claw from "Inspector Gadget" and the sound my old Honda makes when it's too cold and it won't start).

Recorded: Tim Y. Jones, The Bat Cave, Longmont, CO