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Home Teachers in the Night

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An old home teacher went out late upon the dusty town,
It was the last day of the month, the sun was setting down.
He called his partner on the phone and said "tonight we ride,"
They had to get their visits done before the morning light.

They dropped in on the first home in the middle of a meal.
The wife was quite unhappy but her husband knew the deal.
They took their time and rambled on; no lesson had they brought,
so by the time they finished, that food it wasn't hot


Yippy-ai-oh! Yippy-ai-ay! Home teachers in the night.

The second home was longer still; that widow lived out far.
She had them boys a-choppin' wood and fixin' up her car.
She fed 'em cake and ice cream and made them clean their plate.
By the time those men got back to town the hour had gotten late.

With one to go before the dawn they pounded on the door.
The bishop's home was very dark the time was half-past-four.
When all at once the door flew wide the bishop eyed the men,
he cracked a smile and those two fellas, well, they ain't been seen since then.


--Transcribed by Daniel C


This song is one big inside joke for Mormons.
Chris's dad had the idea for this song while preparing a presentation on Home Teaching for a big church meeting. He called up Chris with a few lines of lyrics, and Chris wrote more lyrics and recorded it.
The song turned out so good, we asked if we could post it here on the moosebutter site.