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Psycho: The Musical

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Norman Bates was just a motel owner
No one liked him
He was such a loner
Through the wall he sees me
An evil plan connives he
I am nude; I get a sudden fright...

"Reee! Reee!"
Was the music in the night.

Chocolate syrup
billows down the bathtub
He used a knife
He did not use a club

Stabbed me through the curtain,
I am dead for certain
The paper cut I got was more than slight

"Reee! Reee!"
Was the music in the night.

Close your eyes
This scene made the movie rated R
Perhaps you had better leave the room
Alfred Hitchcock he made it so intense

I have not been in a bathroom since

Norman Bates he revved up in his Buick,
Drove it into a pond now it's eewww, ick!
He's done this to others,
Now he must tell Mother

"Norman dear, did she put up a fight?"

"Reeee Reeeee"
Was the music in the night


Words by Caitlin Shirts, Megan Knight, and Sandi Padron.
Music based on "Music of the Night" by Andrew Lloyd Weber (ASCAP)
Music arranged by Tim Y. Jones

Solo by Tim

Some time after see dee was recorded, someone pointed out that "an evil plan conceives he" makes more grammatical sense than "an evil plan connives he". So we changed it for performances


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