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Rubber Monkey

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Rubber Monkey, I lost you somewhere
Rubber Monkey, where did you go?
Rubber Monkey, I miss your rubber head
Oh Rubber Monkey please come home!

Rubber Monkey, I'll never fail you
Rubber Monkey, I miss your face
Rubber Monkey, I will impale you
if you do not speedidly return to my embraace

Rubber Monkey, I really like to sit with you and watch TV
Rubber Monkey, I really like the good luck that you bring to me

Rubber Monkey, we will do yoga
I will mail you to my friend who lives in Rome
Rubber Monkey, I really like it when you wear a toga
Rubber Monkey, please come home

Rubber Monk, I love your floppy rubber legs
And your crazy floppy rubber monkey arms
And your vicious rubber teeth and that rubber tail that spells relief
with all your mystic rubber monkey charms
(we got the monkey)

Rubber Monkey, joy of joys
You're not like those other toys
Rubber Monkey, you taste really good in soup (soup) Soup (soup) Shoop-boop-doop-e-doop

Rubber Monkey, are you contagious?
Rubber Monkey, are you a gnome?
Rubber Monkey, it is outrageous
That you will not visit from your interstellar home

Oh Rubber Monkey Please come home


Tim "RM, I miss you..." Jones © 2000, 2005

For details on the origin of this song, see the lost loves page
I did write most of this on the road. Musically it is inspired muchly by Bryant's O Pretty Baby (found on see dee).
It was performed once with the moosebutter Timpview All-Stars, July 4 2000, before dashing off to hide it's strange little head for a few years. Weston pestered me for a long time to bring it back into circulation so I did already leave me alone now we're not going to sing "Gilligan" OR "Still, Still, Still."
The beginning of the recording is the way it is because that's the way it needed to be.