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I got squirrels in my nose.
And they are happy.
Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy
'Cuz they are friends with the chickens that are in there, too.


Glen "Webmaster" Sawyer © 2005
Tweaked and formatted and spiffified by Deke "ThighMaster" Sharon, Bill "StratoCaster" Hare and Tim "PedalFaster" Jones.

Opening section: all Glen.

Notable Quotes:

"It's like wacked-out Philip Glass." Alexa, Choral Conducting DMA candidate, Boulder, CO.

A long tune. But it could have been longer! We were going to have it be exactly 20 minutes long. I fact, we had an early mix that was timed so there was exactly to the second ten minutes of the opening lick, that goes on for one minute on the recording you have. Just think about that for a moment... 10 minutes... I mean, your sanity would literally trickle out your ear and on to your shirt collar. Anyway, cooler head prevailed and we did just one minute. Still haven't decided if that was the best choice?

We meet new friends in this song! By when they appear:

1:00 Todd Dixon and Ralph Smith, pirates. Ralph is the one crunching.
1:22 first ... mysterious ... vocal shadow ... of Bubba Hicks ... reading his old family recipes ... he's a distant relative of the other Hicks family.
1:45 Nigel Oglebottom, host of the BBC's "Find the Animals," with special guest Manfred Jensen, animal luminary.
2:23 Johnny the Squirrel, infamous New Hampshire gangster named for his preferred form of torture. Ironically, in the exclusive FBI audio footage featured here, he's torturing a low-level hood known only as "The Squirrel." Weird.
3:08 the Rush Limbaugh Family Singers. For booking, contact Frozen Fingers Entertainment, Inc., Billings, Montana.
4:20 Eccentric radio host from Topeka, Kansas that is known only as "Share." Interview with wildlife guy Bob Bobberson. Archive recording provided by KRAT.
5:43 The Bavarian National Polka Team and Folk Dance Ensemble
6:23 Greg
6:37 Ingus McPlaid, dentist.
7:01 Manfred Jensen, cousin of Great Britain's celebrity animal expert of the same name. Being interviewed by Steinrich von Hichtenstein, radio personality.
7:43 Stan Rather
7:57 Ingus' uncle, Scott, television nutritionist. We're not sure exactly what he says.
8:11 More Hicks kinfolk! Buford and Buford. They're sisters.
8:42 Lars, submarine captain
8:49 Chef Kee
8:58 Deke Sharon, a cappella celebrity and collector of odd trivia.
9:07 Dr. Wade Dwayne, PhD., reading his original poem, "Game Time"
9:44 The Weevuls with their 1967 radio hit "Squirrels"
10:55 Cletus. But you met him already.