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Turkey Dance

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I found a turkey in my shoe doing a turkey-kind of exotic dance that some other turkey might find attractive but I don't really find it attractive actually it makes me feel strange.

Hey, don't do that in my shoe or I might have to call MisterBugEyesTM have him come look at you with his bug eyes I don't think I like MisterBugEyesTM makes me think of a bug with big eyes makes me feel kind of strange.

MisterTurkeyTM ... oh, I'm sorry ... I'm not sure what is your gender ... turkey tender

Do you wanna dancing turkey©?
Don't provoke the dancing turkey©.
Play charades with dancing turkey©.
Came from Russia: dancing turkey©.
Not salami: dancing turkey©.
Captain KirkTM loves dancing turkey©!
Arctic bird dance? Dancing turkey©.
Shiny adverb... dancing turkey©.
Touch... the lightbulb.... dancing turkey©...


Words and music by Tim Y. Jones

Solo by Tim

Certain songs always polarize opinions into oppossing camps, especially when you're doing something subjective like comedy, and Turkey dance is a prime example of that. Composed in secret, recorded without the knowledge of the other moosebutter guys, and snuck onto see dee without anyone elses knowledge, Turkey Dance has generated perhaps the most radical love/hate dichotomy of any of our songs. Most people are ambivelent, but some people LOVE IT to the point of rabid cult-like obsessiveness (you know who you are) and some people deeply, passionately and vocally HATE IT.

Me, I'm just glad I got to mention Captain Kirk at some time during my comedy career.