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Tim "spunky fertilizer" Jones
   Lead, Baritone, taskmaster, thinker of opaque thoughts.
Glen "fortuitous mantra" Sawyer
   Bass, Baritone, provider of obscure scientific facts.
Weston "groinal pull" Wride
   Lead, Tenor, displayer of freaky fresh dance moves
Chris "operatic indigestion" Harris
   Freaky high tenor, Lead, friend of small mammals.

Add one moose. Blend well, bake at 450° for 25 minutes. Serve with toast.

Album produced by Bob Ahlander and moosebutter.
Album recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Wiley at June Audio, Provo, Utah
Cover design by Kent Minson and Tim Y. Jones
Photography by Ryan Mansfield

Moosebutter would like to thank:
God; Becca Sue and Caleb - LOVE YOU! Octavia and Johnathan - LOVE YOU! Those beautiful people willing to support this project; Bob for great Bobness; Scott for the amazing skills; the Provo City Library at Academy Square; Josh Bryant, the originals; substitute moosebutter Andy Yorgason, Andrew Cannon, Brian Shirts, and all other former members; superfans Derrill Watson, John Nielsen, Andrew Cannon, Paul and Jean Jones, Chad, and Mike; Peter Jones and John Chapman for years of great technical and moral support; all the little (and big) kids that get down at our concerts; Bruce and Marnae Wilson for believing in music; April Greenan for believing in dreams; BYU A Capella Club; BYU-Idaho A Capella Club; InsideOut; Voice Male; Tom Woodbury and T Minus 5; Eclipse, Vocal Point, John Neal and the West Coast A Cappella Summit; Utah Arts Festival; Timpanogos Singer/Songwriter Alliance; Karl and Carol Koerner; Blair Sterret.

© 2002 moosebutter. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. All rights reserved

Tile Lovers of the Universe 0:19
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones. Featuring Weston
Wride. Special guest appearance by
Bob Ahlander as "Shouting Guy #7."

The Happy Tile Cleaner 2:28
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones

Captain Organic Vegetable Man 2:50
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones. Additional music
by Bryant W. Smith and J. S. Slagowski
All animal and vegetable noises by
Weston Wride.

SPAM 1:23
From "The Edifice". Arranged and
adapted by Tim Y. Jones and Brian

Psycho: The Musical 2:59
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
(ASCAP). Lyrics by Caitlin Shirts,
Megan Knight, and Sandie Padron.
Arranged by Tim Y. Jones.

The Alphabet Song 2:23
The Alphabet Song © Rosenshontz.
Arranged and adapted by Tim Y. Jones.

Star Wars Medley 4:05
Based on material by John Williams
(G.S.O.) and George Lucas. Arranged
by Bryant W. Smith, J.S. Slagowski, and
Tim Y. Jones.

Ghost Chickens in the Sky 2:48
Based on "Ghost Riders in the Sky".
Traditional. Sonic chicken collage by
Scott Wiley and the Chicken. Featuring
Tim Y. Jones on the Fluke M10,
manufactured by The Magic Fluke
Company, New Hartford, CT, USA.

Lion 1:05

Cell Phone 2:07
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones. Introducing Becca
Silva as "The Cell Phone Girl".

The Googies 2:09
Words by Shel Silverstein © 1974
Music © 2002 Tim Y. Jones.

O Pretty Baby 1:50
Bryant W. Smith.

Luck o' the Irish 2:58
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones.

Turkey Dance 3:17
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones.

Jell-O 1:17
Ross Bagdassarian, Jr. (ASCAP).
Arranged and adapted by Tim Y. Jones.

He Met Her on the Stairs 1:08

Spew 2:52
© 2002 Tim Y. Jones

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Official release: December 2002

NITPICKER'S GUIDE TO THE LINER NOTES AND TRIVIA (contributed by Superfan Derrill, who transcribed the liner notes above):
Weston's description lacks a period. It is also to be noted that his astrological sign does not appear on the moosebutter (my heart with rapture thrills) website. Concerned conspiracy crazed groupies believe there is nothing unusual in all this and tell me to turn off the light and go to bed.

Yes, of course the recipe as presented herein does not make moosebutter. Notice that the directions clearly state to ADD one moose. Ergo there is some pre-existing substance co-eternal with the moose to which the moose was added. Rumors that the Keebler Elves are somehow involved have thus far been unfounded. We attempted to contact Ernie for comment, but he claimed Cookie Monster was approaching the tree (a report of which can be found at http://www.grudge-match.com/History/cookie-keebler.shtml.

The Fluke is a tripped out ukulele, about 23 inches long made of hard maple wood. Instead of the stereo-phonic-typical hourglass figure, the Fluke features a rounded triangle shape with a whopping 15 frets. The principle question remaining is: What color is your Fluke?

[principle answer being: black. --Tim]