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Retired or Emerging : Presidential Candidate


His background's practically spotless.
He stands for liberty and truth.
Nevermind his senatorial voting record,
And that smoking thing was in his youth (and I didn't inhale).

His knack for spouting catchy phrases (I'm a compassionate conservative)
Will help him when he gets in a stew. ( I am not a crook)
But for now he's knocking doors and kissing babies
Wearing a big private funded campaign hole in his shoe.

Mister Presidential Candidate can you hear me?
Are you the best man to be found?
Will you accurately represent the people?
Or will you spend your time chasin' interns around?

Back when he was a gubernatorial candidate
His wild and sordid past came to light.
But he's so good and spewing fancy rhetoric
That we're no longer sure what's wrong or right.

His claims to fame get better every hour. (I invented the internet)
His speaking causes us all to smile. (Um . . . subliminable)
But do we wanna give him all the power?
Is he an elephant, a donkey or a mad crocodile?



Tim Y. Jones

A version of moosebutter - Tim, Ben Griffiths, and Adam... um... garbage, I never could remember his last name... sang this at the Fall 2000 BYU A Cappella Jam. There's a bootlegged copy of the recording floating around somewhere.