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"We had the pleasure of seeing the manic four young men of Utah-based Moosebutter at the recent smash West Coast Summit, first in a showcase concert at Dominican College, and then, by invitation because they were so hilarious, at the Saturday night concert. There are 4 authentic young comic geniuses here, especially Tim Y. Jones, who writes, composes, adapts and arranges practically everything in this CD. There are 17 little delights here, from an ode to tile, 'The Happy Tile Cleaner,' 'Captain Organic Vegetable Man,' 'Psycho: The Musical,' 'The Alphabet Song,' the amazing 'Star Wars Medley' adds words to those deathless heroic theme songs, like 'Kiss a Wookiee, kick a droid, fly the Falcon through an asteroid, 'til the Princess gets annoyed,' 'Ghost Chickens in the Sky,' the very funny 'Cell Phone,' 'The Googies,' 'O Pretty Baby,' 'Luck o' the Irish,' 'Turkey Dance,' 'Jell-O,' 'He Met Her on the Stairs' and 'Spew.' This is funny, brilliant stuff, that wowed 'em at the Summit, with crazed sound effect samples, the kind of material that gets a group on morning shows and stages at the Harmony Sweeps Finals!" ---Primarily A Cappella

"This aspiring pro comedy quartet were the 2003 Bay Area Harmony Sweeps finals runners-up title as well as *almost* the recipients of the CARA award for best comedy album in 2003. They've performed in the ICCA (International Championship of College A Cappella) back when they were affiliated with BYU, but have now moved on to "...swinging our giblets and kicking out the fresh comedic tunes around the country."

The CD musicality is quite solid; the humor is very distinctive and operating in its own universe: "The Happy Tile Cleaner," "Psycho: The Musical" (which won the 2004 CARA award for best comedy song), their own sets of lyrics to the theme from "Star Wars," and one of their longest songs, about vomiting ("Spew"). It should also be noted that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent them a glowing review of "SPAM." ---ACappella.com