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***moosebutter sundries : Vital Stats


Astrological Signs:
Chris - Neon
Glen - pi
Tim - Don't Walk
Weston - Mel Gibson and / or Juaquin Phoenix

Chris - Phlegm
Glen - Black Phlegm
Tim - Lard
Weston - Bree

Joined moosebutter:
Chris - March 2002 first show: hosting the 2001 ICCA Western Regional, Provo Tabernacle
Glen - August 2001 first show: dancing barely-clad in front of his neighbor's house... oh, wait, that was something else...
Tim - June 1977 first show: first moosebutter show
Weston - March 2001 first show: Utah State University "Acappalooza"
Jorge - July 2006 first show: Lehi, UT, July 11 2006


Chris is allergic to grimaces.