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***moosebutter sundries : a list of all the moosebutter members ever


*Bryant W. "W" Smith
*Josh "Power to the Penguins" Slagowski
Brian "flagrant onematapea" Shirts
Jake "but my doctor said I could" Swensen
Ryan Gosling*

Timpview High School All-Stars pt. 1:
(July 4 2000 at Orem City July 4th celebration)
Rachel "don't rent 'er -- " Beier
Andrew "sorta a loose" Cannon
Mark "Ice is Nice" Stringham
Jerry "biceps like sea urchins" Gish

BYU Jam Fall 2000:
Adam "yo-yo's have that tingly flavor" Taggart
Ben "all men are created equal -- they're all inferior to me" Griffith

Caucasian Persuasion:
Rich "I can sing higher than you can" Smith

Interim singers:
Peter "Stoic 'cuz I wanna be" Steenblik
Kris "gidoudamyface" Goss
Coray "lamb chop party" McClellin
Keith "pastry lover" McCauley

The Jones Incarnation:
Travis "I wanna watermelon" Richins
Kevin "rich men don't tell me to do the cha cha" Walker

Da Plaid Guys:
BYU Jam Fall 2001:
Andy "Saturday's Lawyer" Leger
Bart "cry me a river" Olsen
Darryl "Mr. Clean" Olchewski

Blue guys into modern era:
Kevin "Sackbut" Bailey
Russ "Jolly Green Giant" Adams
Daniel "world champion snail tosser" Wells
Brandon "drive in the snowstorm" Stanford

Timpview High School All-Stars pt. 2:
(January 2004, at Timpview HS)
The Fourth

Colorado Dudes:
Forrest "ducks got nothin' on me" Whitaker (Summer 2004)
Mark "stubble stubble" Megibow (Summer 2004, FDGD 2007)
Ryan "Driver" Driver (FDGD 2007)

Glen "sock addict" Sawyer
Chris "rock attic" Harris
Weston "wwwwwwww" Wride
Tim "not so fast, jelly-girl!" Jones

Andy "I am Iron Man" Yorgason
Jared "searing gaze" Allen
Jeremiah "hey, I'm floating!" Jackson
Jimmy "over-" Dunn yuk yuk
Ricky "curls-a-lot" bass guy
Cole "my tattoo says hello" Sherratt

The other:
Jorge "don't call me George, just pronounce me George" Jones - tour bass in 2006!!!! We love you platonically, Jorge!

Plumbers, 2007:
Richard "your heart is my snack" Steighner
Peter "more blanket!" Driscoll

AGT 2009
Jason Guffey

2006 5th guy for Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes photos:

2006 Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes 5th guy who just stood there:

Honorary Members:
Bob Ahlander (producer, 'see dee,' mentor for all our beginning shenanigans)
Wes "there's a party in my mouth" Carroll (percussion on Harry Potter, guest appearance at Feb 2004 show)
Deke "offended by cake" Sharon (voice featured on 'Squirrels,' artistic direction on 'udder won')
Bill "carpet belly" Hare (artistic studio guru for 'udder won,' voice in the background in 'Sarah,' clapping on 'Uncle Earl')
Ben "bulging octagon" Wilson (played some gee-tarr in the early days; frequent collaborator with Tim; wrote 'Roni Mor')