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Retired or Emerging : Dark Creature


We haven't typed out the lyrics to this song. If you want to do so and email them to us, then we'll be happy to put them here


So, this one was written to perform at the Denver Harmony Sweepstakes that we knew we'd only have 3 people at. Yes, all you ticky-tacky a cappella competition rule-abiders know that moosebutter performed (5-man) in Chicago in 2006, so we shouldn't have also in Denver... well, Tim, Chris and Weston performed as "The Plumbers of Rome," who actually performed at the 2005 Denver Sweeps with a different line-up - Tim with Dan and Chris, different Chris, right - and were technically a different group than moosebutter-in-Chicago.

Tim thought the Plumbers songs were totally different than moosebutter - 2005 songs were, though still odd - but some of them were pretty much moosebutter songs. So, the Plumbers songs (some of them) have been absorbed into moosebutter-land, especially when we do 3-man shows.

Dark Creature is one of those.

If you didn't comprehend most of the preceding verbage, it's okay.


moosebutter (three-man version)