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Retired or Emerging : I Shop at D.I.


I Shop at D.I.
No I won't lie I Shop at D.I.
Savers is a store like D.I.
It's a bit cleaner and nicer but hey it's still like D.I.
All my life I shop at thrift stores
No I don't shop at the mall or the gap because I am poor
Some people say they don't like my clothes
Well up your nose I like my clothes and that's how it goes

I Shop at D.I.
I Shop at D.I.
I Shop at D.I.
I Shop at D.I.

(person's name) shops at D.I. too
So if you go there you might see (him/her) and (he/she) might see you
So if you dig this D.I. groove
Then sing along to this D.I. tune



This song was written by Ben and Joe Wilson, Tim's brothers-in-law, and they sang it with their band 'Skook,' a ska-rock band in Utah in the late 90's/early 00's. moosebutter performed it back in the olden days, last time I think was Lindon Days in 2002. Just heard a recording of that show, and actually liked the song - might bring it back for some Utah shows. (note July 18 2006: we sang a threadbare version at the South Jordan (Mulligan's) concert Friday July 14 2006 in honor of Dave the Moose, who's home country is D.I.)

D.I. stands for "Deseret Industries" and is a charitable thrift store/humanitarian aid extension of the LDS church. D.I.s are prevelant in Utah, and until Savers came along in the 90's, were the only thrift stores to speak of in Utah. They sell good stuff.

I tried to sing this with a friend of mine who was in Forever Plaid with me, back in 2000 I think, and he and his wife hated the song because they felt bad for the poor people - they were, how to say, not so poor. I never felt bad, because that's what life was/is like for me, and I think it's funny. Too bad that rich people can't deal, huh.