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dee's ember : ****liner notes and trivia


There are not many liner notes for this one. There never are, I guess, but his has less than usual.

Album produced by Tim Y. Jones

Song list, with relevant info (see key)
! = final mix by Tony Huerta, Eko Recording www.ekorecording.com
@ = final mix by Bill Hare, DYZ Studio www.dyz.com
# = final mix by Tim Y. Jones, The Bat Cave
$ = recorded at June Audio, Sean McEntyre www.juneaudio.com
% = recorded at Eko Recording, Tony Huerta www.ekorecording.com
^ = recorded at The Bat Cave, Tim Y. Jones
a,c,g,t,w = Andy, Chris, Glen, Tim, Weston - who's voices are on this track?
*instruments programmed by Tim Y. Jones

1. Hey Dee !^t
2. Tim for Eggnog !^t
3. Feliz @$a,c,g,t,w
4. Jingle Bell Rockin' !#$c,g,t,w
***more to come***


The first tracks for this album were recorded in May of 2003 (JBR, Feliz, Rudolph, Auld, Holly, Believer, much of Grinch) at June Audio. The last tracks were recorded AFTER final mixing was completed, by Tim on Jingle Bells.

The liner notes list Jorge Jones and Andy Yorgason as members of moosebutter - Jorge sings live shows while on tour, and Andy was our sub back in 2003 and recorded tracks on Rudolph, Feliz, Believer, and some improv stuff that will show up in the lounge sometime.

To say this album has experienced delays would be a massive and disgusting understatement. Originally intended for Dec 2003 release, each year saw it pushed to the backburner as other things took precedence. Even now it may be re-worked in the years to come to improve the overall quality.