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udder won : ***Liner Notes and Trivia


Here be the liner notes from udder won. Corrections and mumbo jumbo send on over.

moosebutter is
Chris "Mighty Melon" Harris
Tim "Power Pimple" Jones
Glen "Ultra-ROUND" Sawyer
Weston "Super Siphon" Wride

This album was cooked up by the following folks:

Shaun "Hair Farm" McIntire
June Audio Provo, UT
3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 14

Dan "Herculean Eyebrow" Carlisle
Soularium Studios Alpine, UT
3, 4, 9, 12, 15

Tony "Dimples of Doom" Huerta
Eko Recording Studio Denver, CO
2, 3, 5, 6, 10

Mark "Disco" Oblinger
Jungle Time Boulder, CO
6, 7, 8, 11, 13

Tim "Like that's your real name" Jones
The Batcave Longmont, CO
6, 11

Bill "Gypsy Ligament" Hare
DYZ Studio San Jose, CA
1, 4, 9, 15

All but 6,11 and 12 mixed by Bill "Barbed Fire" Hare. You are a gentleman, a scholar, a magician, an acrobat, a technical guru, an artist, and a pointillist.

6, 11, and 12 mixed by Mark "Sunny Rage" Oblinger. You are, in a word, Totoro.
Mastered at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO. www.airshowmastering.com

All recordings and songs copyright © 2005 Alces Magnus Music
except as indicated, and in addition to listed copyright information.


Uncle Earl's Hairpiece
Tim "Y" Jones © 2005

The Valentine's Day Song
Tim "Torque" Jones © 2000, 2005

Glen "Smurf the Bucket" Sawyer © 2005
Solo by Deke "Wild Wigwam" Sharon on the muted Quiche
Special help from ambient noise specialist Bill "Wonder Thug" Hare

Harry Potter
Music by Roy "Skippy" Orbison and Bill "Bill" Dees (BMI). New lyric and arrangement by Tim "Knotty Boy" Jones. Guest vocal percussion by Wes "Tyrant of the Magazines" Carroll www.mouthdrumming.com

I Hate Mosquitos
Marnae "Power Grandma" Wilson and Tim "Itchy" Jones © 2004

Midnight musings upon completing the works of Byzantine philosopher Iohannes Philoponus, Act II, scene iii
Tim "Tooth Ferry" Jones © 2005

Still the Shortest
Words by Tim "I Heart Pillars" Jones and Weston "Freak I'm Hot" Wride, music by Tim "Jungle Quencher" Jones © 2005

Rubber Monkey
Tim "RM, I miss you..." Jones © 2000, 2005

Tim "Confused by the Eggs" Jones © 2004, 2005

Hicksville pt. 1
Tim "Sofa Soldier" Jones © 2005
Performed by The Hicks Brothers: Cletus (bass), Vern (baritone), Jimmy John (2nd tenor), Elmer (lead), and Zeke (1st tenor)

Jon Boy Jon
Music by Claude-Michel "I am not a bread" Schönberg copyright © 1987 Alain Boublil Music Ltd. (ASCAP). New lyric by Liz "Sweet Socks" Edmonston. Arr. Tim "Orbit" Jones

Hicksville pt. 2
Also by those scoundrel Hicks Brothers, and their maternal grandfather

Witch Doctor
Ross "Tape Speed" Bagdasarian, Jr. (ASCAP)
Arr. Tim "Wad o' Smell" Jones

Glen "Webmaster" Sawyer © 2005
Tweaked and formatted and spiffified by Deke "ThighMaster" Sharon, Bill "StratoCaster" Hare and Tim "PedalFaster" Jones.

Photography by Stan "The Mantis" McBean www.photographicsolutions.cc

Album produced by Tim "Happy to be ugly" Jones

Special and heartfelt and gushy thanks to Deke "Dental Wash" Sharon, special consultant and honorary group harpoon-wielder.

This album is dedicated Rubber Monkey, Mon-chi-chi, Mr. Penguin, and William McGonagall. For their stories, visit www.moosebutter.com/lostloves

Where can you go to find:
Song lyrics? Show info? Fan art? Chris' zoological sign?

1. Convocation 0:10
2. Uncle Earl's Hairpiece 4:21
3. The Valentine's Day Song 4:08
4. Sarah 1:10
5. Harry Potter 3:12
6. Mosquito 5:43
7. Midnight musings upon completing the works of Byzantine philosopher Iohannes Philoponus, Act II, scene iii 0:17
8. Still the Shortest 5:34
9. Rubber Monkey 1:54
10. Doug 1:56
11. Hicksville 5:35
12. Jon Boy Jon 2:41
13. Hicksville reprise 0:12
14. Witch Doctor 1:44
15. Squirrels 11:00


Official release: July 4, 2005

Highest note sung on the album: C above middle C, a the end of Uncle Earl's Hairpiece.
Lowest note sung on the album: a C# at the end of Uncle Earl's Hairpiece.
The only non-human sounds are the latin-y percussion on Still the Shortest.
And the percussion in Hicksville.
Oh and the washboard in Witch Doctor.
And also the thump in Witch Doctor - that's Tim thumping on a small suitcase.
And the car in Witch Doctor.
And anything else that's probably not human?