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udder won : **reviews and critical response


"Wonderfully wierd" --- Anna, Boulder, CO

"Genius!" ---Deke Sharon, San Francisco, CA

"If Frank Zappa were still alive, he would heartily approve of
Moosebutter, I think (tell me Zappa wouldn't have recorded something
like bizarre "Midnight musings upon completing the works of Byzantine
philosopher Johannes Philoponus, Act II, scene iii" - go ahead...). The
songs on this, their follow-up to their oh-so-wittily-titled debut "See
Dee," are brimming with obscure references, both historical (see
Byzantine reference above) and personal ("Still the Shortest"),
spanning musical styles from surf-pop ("Uncle Earl's Hairpiece") to
oom-pah-pah odes ("Valentine's Day Song") to beatnik jazz (silly
"Sarah") to slightly skewed doo-wop harmonies ("Rubber Monkey") and
parodies of popular songs about young wizards - their timely tribute to
"Harry Potter" to the tune of "Pretty Woman" is corny but clever. It's
fairly hard to take these guys seriously, but one is pretty sure that's
what they're after. That's not to say that the CD isn't musically
tight, or in tune, well-produced (by Bill Hare) or enjoyable - it is.
And with a combination of cheekiness and intelligence, they achieve
amusement levels that will probably encourage cult-like adoration among
fans, new and old, deserved or not. With the advent of the Internet,
and the way things procreate and proliferate among web-savvy music
fans, expect these guys to be passed around for quite a while." ---ACappella.com

"There they were, 4 young guys from Utah at one of the daytime West
Coast Summit 'showcase concerts,' in white headbands, red polyester
running pants and black windbreakers, singing 'Captain Organic
Vegetable Man' and 'Star Wars.' That night they were invited to do some
of their set at the big Summit concert at Marin Veterans Auditorium,
and the crowd went nuts. Segue to May, 2003, another Saturday night on
the same stage--the Harmony Sweeps Finals, where Moosebutter came in
second only because The Idea of North could have beaten a choir of
angels that night. Although they're not our type, we loved Moosebutter
from the beginning, and have played their 1st CD, 'See Dee,' until
'Psycho, the Musical' sounds like Alvin & the Chipmunks. Their
long-awaited 2nd CD, 'udder won' is now safely installed in our
boombox. 15 manic songs, like 'Uncle Earl's Hairpiece,' the deeply
romantic 'The Valentine's Day Song,' 'Harry Potter' (sung to the tune
of Roy Orbison's 'Pretty Woman'), 'I Hate Mosquitoes,' 'Rubber Monkey,'
'Hicksville, parts 1 and 2,' 'Jon Boy Jon,' a particularly crazed
'Witch Doctor' and the never-ending 'Squirrels' (In My Nose). 'Udder
won' (which we think refers to the fact that they had one 'See Dee' and
this, obviously, is the 'udder won'), is funny, bizarre, weird,
brilliant and totally bananas. Our theory centers on something in the
Utah water, and we'll take a six-pack!" ---Primarily A Cappella

"My sister gets really annoyed when I play the Squirrel song, so I play
it a lot." ---Macquel, loving sister

"It's difficult to type when I'm laughing so hard... MAN - what a great
CD... 'I Hate Mosquitos' may become my all time moosebutter fave...but
then there's 'Harry Potter'....hmmm....wait...ther e's 'Still The
Shortest'....nuts...too many choices...
BRAVO, gentlemen!" ---Rick Alloway, KRNU Vocal Chords