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proto-moosebutter : Dark Chocolate


We haven't typed out the lyrics to this song. If you want to do so and email them to us, then we'll be happy to put them here


Yes, we were trying to be diverse.

"Dark Chocolate" is actually called "I'll remember you, love, in my prayers" and was written by Adam Moroni Dawson, a friend of mine from the neighborhood who was an extraordinary composer. An arrangement of this was sung by the BYU Singers at one time; and also by us. I like the all-male version better. It's a love song, a ballad, with lush harmonies and beautiful everythings. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect moosebutter to sing.

We multi-track recorded this on Bryant's Tascam 4-track in the Summer of 2000. The recording is pretty yucky but the song is great.

It's called "Dark Chocolate" because someone remarked that singing it (or listening to it?) (or listening to it as we sang it?) was like eating dark chocolate slowly. That's a good thing. And it sounded better than the other comment, that it was like cloying honey. Whatever that means.