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Tim Tim - Sun, 24 Apr 2005 11:40 pm

New... music... oh... yaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

That's right, there is new music BEING RECORDED even as we SPEAK I assume somewhere in the world but WE being MOOSEBUTTER of sound mind and body blah blah blah are also recording music not at this second right at this second I'm actually avoiding doing my homework but glleeaarrghaghk

New songs... we've got a new mix of HARRY POTTER brewing... we've recorded most of DOUG... more of your favorites on the way, plus new, crazy stuff to come!

When, you ask, when will this music burst forth like unto a terrifying alien ripping forth from the chest of an innocent space vessel crewmember?

We say, July. July 4th weekend is our anticipated release date.

Tell the world.

Tell Weston's mom.

Tell Micheal Phelps, who keeps signing our guestbook AND pestering me with personal emails. Thanks, Mike.

We're also looking for INVESTORS to aid in the recording cause. If you have money, and would like to invest, please contact us.

Also, we'll be setting up pre-sale orders soon, so you can pre-order, and then practically shrivel up in anticipation.

Tim Tim - Fri, 8 Apr 2005 8:40 am

Ah, Star Wars fans, we do love them so

An article blurb from imdb.com:

Lines Form in Hollywood for 'Sith' -- But at Wrong Theater

Die-hard Star Wars fans, some 112 of them, have already begun lining up at the Grauman's Chinese Theater, the traditional site for the movie's Hollywood premiere, for the May 19th debut of Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith. However, today's (Thursday) Los Angeles Daily News reported that the fans may be waiting in line at the wrong theater. Fox, it said, is reportedly planning to open the film at the ArcLight, several blocks away. Nevertheless, when informed of the studio's plans, those standing in line refused to budge. "This is Mecca for fans," one told the newspaper. "It's been a tradition for decades." Another fan who flew in from Australia remarked: "I was here in '02 [for the opening of Attack of the Clones] and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I walked up with a suitcase and the people welcomed me with open arms."

(note: we are at the moment 41 days out from May 19th. What are YOU doing with the next 41 days of your life?)

Tim Tim - Mon, 4 Apr 2005 8:16 pm


Last Thursday, March 31, we had the supreme pleasure of entertaining the FCCLA Wyoming convention in Cheyenne. The FCCLA is a nationwide organization, "Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America" open to enrollment by Jr. High through High School students. These kids were smart, talented, and very cool.

We had a rollicking good time, sang some good stuff, and loved the fun energy of the crowd. There were a couple of delicious moments, most especially Chris' rendition of "The Titanic Song."

All ya'lls who were at the show, tell us your favorite moment of the evening.

All ya'lls who were not, we'll see you next time.

Tim Tim - Mon, 14 Mar 2005 4:37 pm

Frozen... Dead... Guy... Days....

If you weren't there, explanations are useless. Hands down, one of the top three events we've been to, EVER. Coffin races, polar plunge, people dressed like dead folks... in March... in a ski town in the mountains of Colorado... oh, yea.

We had a de-LISCIOUS weekend, great shows at Burnt Toast in Boulder, in Ned (that's local lingo for "Neanderthal" hoops I mean "Nederland"), and Longmont at the Borders. What were your favorite moments? Please tell us in the guestbook.

Tim Tim - Fri, 25 Feb 2005 10:51 pm

CU Idol, birthplace of the OREGANO CYCLONE

I judged the University of Colorado at Boulder (UC Boulder, or CU Boulder, or just CU... I don't get it, either) Idol competition tonight. It's just like American Idol(tm) except with less glitz and more rowdy frat boys in the audience. Who, consequently, took a quick liking to booing me whenever I said anything. Which was fine, because I just used the button that released the fire ants from inside their seat cushion.

Two things that happened there that I must mention, in addition to the cyclone:

First, I actually called someone "The Earl Boykins of Karaoke."

If you don't know who Earl Boykins is, just give up now.

Second, a girl named Rebecca did a MONDO HILARIOUS version of "Some Say Love It Is a River" complete with happy hands club sign language choreography from Napolean Dynamite. Grand, hilarious stuff. She even interpolated moves from the dance scene into the song. And, she's a great singer. Very funny.

The rest of show was like beautiful singing, soul-stirring ballads, blah blah blah.

That's all. Tim out.