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Tim Tim - Sun, 13 Feb 2005 2:26 am


We just got back from the Harmony Sweepstakes competition in Hermosa Beach, California, home to kung fu surfers and ironic whales. Great group UNDIVIDED, who we met a couple of years back and who coincidently all speak spanish, won. We took a hearty second (hearty!! Ho ho!) and Vybration took third. There were five other great groups, and a great, diverse, utterly supportive audience.

We sang SPAM, Veggie, Doug, and 7-11. Ah, we likes the Doug.

Chris Tim and Weston went to the Afterglow (we know it's a stupid name but that's what it's called) without Glen, who had had enough of this foolishness already, but did hang out with Laura "why is I so purty" Dickinson from Vybration. We sang a set of requests for the faithful fans at 12:25 am, and also sang Cell Phone. So you know what you missed, the devoted and adoring fans requested the California State Song, which we slaughtered; My Wild Irish Rose, which we rendered complete with a rabid attacking rose; Flight of the Bumblebee, a perfect vehicle for an interpretive dance involving allergies; and Kiss My Sugarloaf in the Summertime, which we naturally rendered as a rap.

Then we stopped at Inn-nn-out(n) Burger who wouldn't serve because it was one minute after their closing, even though their drive-through light was still on, so we got Jack-in-the-Box instead. Man, Californians know how to live it UP.

Tim Tim - Wed, 9 Feb 2005 3:42 pm

web site updates

come hither, view the new wonders of the moosebutter web site.

Behold, pictures of live shows - from New Years eve, it is the happy hat guy, the Birthday girl, and the so-cute-it-nauseates engaged couple (in proper engagement photo pose, while moosebutter sings about the glories of love as only moosebutter can)

Partake of the music downloads (okay, that part isn't new, but people always like free stuff)

Submit your own pictures, drawings, etc!

Sign the guestbook

Coming soon: More fan pics. More fan art. More fan remains. Ooops about that last one.

[Edit from Glen]: Go see Sons of Provo in a theater near you. Not only is the movie funny, but moosebutter has a cameo. Yes, in our standard performance costumes.

Tim Tim - Fri, 21 Jan 2005 9:09 pm

New Year, New YOU!

Lose weight! Cure Acne! Increase your vocabulary!!

Happy new year to all of you. We had a pile of amazing shows to end out 2004: The Christmas show at BYU was a treat, and all there witnessed the finest EVER cow / vacuum interpretive dance by kids who are hyper at a moosebutter show. History was made!

First Night in SLC was a DOUBLE WHAMMY - two great shows, with crazy audiences (we LOVES the crazy audiences), lots of spontaneous things, and everyone kissed. Okay, nobody kissed, but we did all send out positive vibes to one another. It was COSMIC.

We're going to have pictures of these shows up on the site soon; keep checking back. And just a reminder, if you have pictures, audio, or video from any of our shows, make sure to pass copies our way.

Lots of great things cooking up for '05 - already working on shows in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and California. Also (drumroll, please... make the sound either with your mouth or by vigorously smacking yourself on the stomach) NEW MUSIC. Lots of it, too. Coming... soon....

Thanks for the love and support! Moose on!


Weston Weston - Fri, 10 Dec 2004 2:12 pm

Cafepress-moosebutter merchandise mecca!


This is where you have access to a flock of moosebutter merchandise! Perfect for Christmas gifts (and it's not too late for shipping). Perfect for July 4th gifts. Perfect for "sorry-you-broke-your- kneecap" day. Here are some of the things you'll find:

-limited edition T-shirts involving our SPAM song (different colors/sizes)

-womanly moosebutter shirts

-baby onesies, bibs and shirts with Weston's face

-HUGE posters

-mugs with Weston's mug on them AND Weston beverage coasters (enough Weston already!)

-old school moosebutter CD

-moosebutter bumper stickers/license plate holders

-moosebutter caroling Christmas postcards

...Visit the store, have a laugh, and make someone else laugh/cry/shudder/ by giving them the gift that keeps on...hoofs and beans.


Tim Tim - Thu, 9 Dec 2004 7:24 pm

Big, wet, slobbery apology:

blubber, blubber, grovel, sniff.

We're really, really sorry that we don't have the new moosebutter Christmas CD available for you to buy, and give to all your friends, and play at all your Christmas parties YES even your church ones, and to spread glee throughout your neighborhood as you violently fling moosebutter Christmas CDs out your car window as you drive down the lane of your idealistic suburban paradise (drive-by moosebuttering?).

Sorry, sorry, ooooooooooohhhh so sorry.

The good news:

You'll be able to do all of that NEXT YEAR, with a CD that will be 17.4 times better than it would have been this year!!!!

We apologize sincerely for all of you who have been waiting so long for this holiday treat. In consolation, we say to you:

Eggnog is yummy.