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Tim Tim - Thu, 15 Jun 2006 6:49 pm


Now, up for your perusal and patronization, is the moosebutter listening lounge - 18 pounds of happenin' stuff. More audio than you can shake a stick at (assuming you have a small and mosty immobile stick). Free. For you.

Tell us what you think!

Glen Glen - Wed, 19 Apr 2006 12:02 am


Okay, I usually save the geeky stuff for my own sites, but this is pretty nifty. We'd like to see where all the moose fans are, and let eveyone else see where all the moose fans are.

Go to http://www.frappr.com/moosefans and put in your name (first name only! we don't want to incite any privacy concerns), zip code, and some e-mail address. Whether or not you put in a real email address doesn't affect us (moosebutter); we don't ever even see what you enter there. So keep that in mind if you're concerned about potential spam...

To see an example of what one of these maps can look like after more people add themselves to it, check out this one

After enough people add themselves to the map, we'll add a direct link to it on one of the pages here on the site.

Glen Glen - Sun, 9 Apr 2006 10:02 am


We have a short (2 minute) promo video over on Google video. Show it to your friends, your co-workers, and that multi-millionaire who lives down the street and likes to hire comedy a cappella groups to perform at his summer home in the Bahamas.

Tim Tim - Mon, 27 Mar 2006 6:06 pm

The Skokie, IL Bar Mitzvah Dancers

Saturday night we were the last to clear out of the theater lobby after the sweeps - we somehow are always the last ones out of venues - and were loading up in the car, about to go hang with ElmoThumm at a mythical restaurant that we never did find, when a female voice called across the parking lot, 'are you guys dancers?' Well, as fate would have it, by some odd confluence of space, time, and six-hour-old pizza, we WERE dancers at that moment, and we DANCED for them. Not much of a step outside our comfort zones, I know, but it was nearing 1:00 am, we were living it up and Glen was on the phone with his wife. I tell you, the weirdest things happen when he's talking to his wife.

Well, said voice started walking over to us, and we (Weston Chris and I) went over to chat. The voice belonged to Geena (took nearly 30 minutes to get the name) and she and her shy part-Latino friend Melissa were leaving - I kid you not - a bar mitzvah*, where they had been hired dancers. That's what they do, for at least part of their jobs, go out with a DJ company and dance for and with people at parties. I just saw a movie trailer for a movie about Jewish families that compete to have the most lavish bar mitzvah's for their sons, but I thought it was an exaggeration. Appartently, not so much. People throw these parties all the time.

Now, what you've got to know about Geena is, SASSY. She was the sassy black girl of happiness. She was FUNNY. And I guarantee we were the weirdest, whitest folks she had ever met. She had grown up I assume on the mean streets of Chicago (not that she actually told us this - I just surmised); I don't think she could quite fathom why the Universe had deposited the three archangels of non-sequiter humor in front of her, and why they were wearing red sweatsuits outdoors at 1 am. We did finally sing for her, including a stunning version of the Four Tops 'Ain't No Woman,' which I'm sure only served to confuse her further. Then we sang 'Big John's Barf Bags.' Classic.

Melissa didn't say much, though she WAS emphatic that Weston NOT obtain her phone number.

Turns out Geena is a singer, and she pumped out some Whitney Houston and was goooood.

Well, then we left, after giving them our business cards so we could come sing for them at a bar mitzvah sometime. Because hey, why not?

(*Editor's note: I now can't recall if it was a BAR or a BAT mitzvah... if you don't know the distinction, I'm probably not the one to point out the subtle differences for you.)

Tim Tim - Mon, 27 Mar 2006 5:15 pm

Past three weekends - were YOU there?

Past three weekends, ooh la la! Amazing stuff.

March 10-11, Midvale and Kanab, UT - great crowds! Friday was wacky fun, great crowd especially the people who came out expecting a brass ensemble or a puppet show. They didn't know what was going on; we didn't feel the need to fill them in.
Then we drove all day Saturday through Stormorama '06, down I-15 to Southern Utah. Snow. Not too many people out at the concert, because of the weather, but it was still a good 'un.

The next weekend: Chris and Weston came out here to Denver and the three of us competed at the Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes as the Plumbers of Rome. Different music. Met cool people, enjoyed the show, won best stage presentation (kind of like the miss congeniality award). Sold some dudees.

This past weekend moosebutter went to Chicago for the Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes. Very well-produced show. We stayed with Weston's buddy from Cleveland, Dave, and his kind and accomodating wife. Dave also appeared on stage with us as our fifth man (nobly represented in Midvale by the grand prize winner, Evan). It was a fun show - shout out to the folks who drove from forever to see us, including kids from Indiana and Weston's family all the way from Brazil. Okay, not true, St. Louis, but they recently moved from Brazil so kind of.

More great stuff coming up - Colorado shows beginning of April, and gearing up for the Summer season!