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Jorge Jorge - Sat, 21 Jul 2007 1:48 am

Coming To You All The Way From...


That's right, folks. Massachusetts. No need to refresh the page in case you think you're seeing things, because I assure you you're not.

Well, you are seeing things but not like...you get the point.

Yes, this is Jorge, Zulu Extraordinaire, Accomplished Hair Pedestal, and leading expert of naps, telling you all that I will be appearing with moosebutter for the first time this year in Afton, Wyoming.

"But Jorge," I can hear you all gasping, "How is it possible that you'll be appearing with moosebutter for the first time this year in Afton, Wyoming?"

I'll tell you.

I will be DRIVING there.

That's right. Please...don't refresh.

Driving, with a friend of mine.

From Massachusetts, to Colorado, and then to Wyoming.

The trip will take appoximately one presidential administration, or 29 hours, depending on your political views and state of hamster ownership. 29 hours of fun in the sun that will be bearing down on me through the sun roof of the black car which will quite possibly light my hair on fire, a spectacle I had hoped to save for the stage. And mind you, we don't get to stop. We're driving straight through.

I beg your sympathies, and will keep you all updated.



Tim Tim - Sat, 14 Jul 2007 1:29 pm

July: time for eggnog?

July! Hot! Woah!

Hey, if you haven't heard the A Cappella Originals podcast, hosted by Tim and sponsored by the Contemporary A Cappella Society, go listen: http://acappellaoriginals.libsyn.com/

We had a show at the Freedom Festival - wacky! Reptiles!

We did a 7:30 am sunrise flag raising ceremony for the LDS Printing Division. Mmmmm, blueberry donuts.

That's all!

Weston has been smitten with irony.

Tim Tim - Mon, 4 Jun 2007 12:19 am

June: official month of the jelly-filled Ninjas

The thing I love most about June: it's the start of driving season! I drive back and forth from Colorado to Utah and anywhere else that I need to go to give YOU, most honorable moosebutter fan, the chance to hear our shows.

And it's worth it!

You may wonder, what do I do while driving?

Well, tomorrow (first trip of approximately 6 this Summer) I'm going to listen to a lot of music on my iPod, and also record song ideas into my handheld tape recorder.

I'm going to eat fast food.

I'm going to not drive over any livestock.

I will spend an hour or so singing and practicing vocal percussion.

I will fill the van up with gas, twice.

I will change my shoes, once.

I will massage my lower back, twice.

I will shout at other cars on the road in strange languages, five times (different language/odd sounds each time, unless I happen to really want to repeat something from earlier).

And then, I will arrive at my destination.

Tim Tim - Wed, 2 May 2007 5:15 pm


Hi! Happy May. Summer coming.

The many and varied memebers of moosebutter have been busy with stuff - we've got shows upcoming, starting in June... if you know of other good gigs, let us know and we'll find a way to get there!

In other news, Tim welcomed his 4th kid on April 27th.


Tim Tim - Mon, 12 Mar 2007 5:54 pm

new moose, at the Frozen Dead Dude festivus

March 10, 2007 - moosebutter rocked the icy goodness of Frozen Dead Guy Days
Nederland, CO

Saturday morning dawned bright and early, and in spite of the optimistic forecast calling for sunny and warm, it was cloudy, snowy, and cold. Which we did not discover until we stepped off in the parade. But I digress.

First, introducing some of the new members of moosebutter: Rocky Mountains East (due to geography and scheduling - Tim is Colorado, Weston, Chris, and Glen are in Utah, and we're scheduling frequent shows in both places - there is a new Colorado cast of moosebutter, called Rocky Mountains East) Mark Megibow and Ryan Driver of the mantastic Boulder-based vocal band FACE. Others will be joining us for shows in the near future, but Mark and Driver joined me for FDGD.

We drove to Nederland, got in our fancy get-ups, and went outside to ride in a swanky golf cart in the FDGD Cryonics Parade. And it started snowing. We cruised the parade route, handing out hand warmers, and stopped at the MC porch where we premiered the new FDGD song to much clapping and hallabalooing.

Then we spent an hour alternately standing in the snow, standing out of the snow, hiding from the snow, and speedily driving the golf cart (sans windshield, mind you) through blinding snow to run errands and get our sound equipment for the coffin races (the snow! it's like tiny daggers! in my eyes! it buuuuuuurrrrrns!!!!!).

Driving/tromping through the mud, we made it to the official FDGD Tuff Shed Gazebo where we stood and helped MC the Tuff Shed Coffin Races. If you have never seen them, boy, you missed. 15 heats of 2 teams each, carrying a rider in a homemade coffin, raced a challenging muddy/snowy/infested with mythical beasts course that took them through the Tuff Shed Cryonics Mausoleum, around strategically placed hay bales, to the playground where the coffin rider jumped off and climbed through the playground while the coffin carriers executed a (Chinese?) fire drill. The carriers then ran around to the other side of the playground, where the rider re-mounted, and they returned to the starting line (now the finish line) over large snow hills, sloshing through the mud puddles to the end of the racecourse.

Team America was triumphant overall, winning both the main contest and the Coffin Cup, the competition with the top team from Manitou Springs, which this year was the Fat Elvises. The Fat Elvises won best costume.

After the races, we found some much needed thawing out in our van, and then in the riotous New Belgium Brewing tent. As the crowd got more and more soused, we MC'ed the Frozen T-shirt contest, where 15 guys and then 15 girls attempt to be the first one to put on a shirt that has been soaked in water and deep-frozen for 3 weeks. Good times were had by all!!! Especially the shirts.

Then we made our way up to Nederland High School, where we set up for da concert, and then did a concert. Joining moosebutter was my new 'serious' a cappella ensemble, Vocality (www.vocalitysingers.com) who sang a 10-minute set. The concert was cool, and even Mark and Driver's massive flubs were funny. They did a spectacular job, were extremely funny, and those of you who are fortunate enough to see them live will love the unique snappy wit they bring to moosebutter shows.

As cool as FDGD was, we have a few suggestions for next year: more Yetis, less snow, and include some kind of cyborg penguins. Then it would be absolutely _perfect_.

For more on Frozen Dead Guy Days, visit http://www.frozendeadguydays.com
News items:
http://www.longmontfyi.com/Local-Story.asp?id=15119 (includes picture of the Fat Elvises)