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Tim Tim - Mon, 21 Jun 2004 1:52 pm

Shirts, merchandise, volunteers, old music, and PUBLIC LECTURE.

(condensed from the June 21 2004 moosebutter web letter. To join the moosebutter email list, send an email to tim@moosebutter.com)

Topics in this edition of the moosebutter web letter:
I. moose shirts
II. more moose items
III. Volunteers needed
IIII. Old moosebutter music
5ive. Special public lecture - about moosebutter?

I. moosebutter shirts are now available.

No, no, no, put down your pitchforks and incendiary weapons, they're not those shirts. They're the moosebutter stage shirts.

We have heard your constant cries of pleading, "Grant us the moosebutter shirts or we shall storm Martha Stewart's jail cell and stomp upon her cupcakes!", and now the same shirts worn by moosebutter in their wacky moosebutter-y comedy music show can be yours to own, to wear, to hug, to cuddle. These shirts make many bold statements: "I know who moosebutter is." "I'm not afraid to admit that I wish I could communicate with artichokes." And of course, "This moose is in a red triangle."

Available at moosebutter shows beginning Saturday, June 26th, and for order from the moosebutter web site soon (check the store to see if they are there). Cost: $12. Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL (limited #). Colors: Black, or White. Flavor: Lima Bean.

New, amazing, one-of-a-kind moosebutter merchandise is available NOW at http://www.cafeshops.com/moosebutter . The cool swag pictured will be for sale FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. New products will appear periodically.

moosebutter needs volunteers to help at the moosebutter merchandise and information table for shows this summer! If you can answer simple questions such as, "Who are these guys?," "Can I give you money for their CD?," and/or "Did that short dude REALLY just do / say what I thought he did?" then you are perfect!

Each volunteer will be given one free moosebutter T-shirt, admission to a moosebutter show, and the adulation of adoring moosebutter fans. Volunteers will be expected to be available from 2 hours before the start of a show to one hour after the show, will attend a mercifully short orientation and training workshop, and must be trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, ....

Contact tim@moosebutter.com if you are interested. Please indicate your age, availability (day, evening, weekend, holiday), area you live, areas you would be willing to travel to assist, and favorite 70's pant fabric. Upcoming dates when volunteers are needed: June 26, eve, American Fork, UT; July 2, eve, Provo, UT; July 3, afternoon, Murray, UT.

Old moosebutter music now available for download at

Special moosebutter presentation: The Orem City Library, for the "This is Your Library" segment of their "What Have We Here?" series, has invited Tim to give a special lecture about moosebutter, and how the library has and continues to inspire the band.
Tim will share experiences from life with the band; talk a great deal about forming the band, musical and comedic influences, and the pressures of running a performing group; talk about the overall vision of the group; share upcoming song, album, and project insights; and field questions from the audience. Tim will also mingle with people and field personal questions after the presentation. Not too personal, mind you.

Tim Tim - Sat, 22 May 2004 4:52 pm

New, complete song available... for FREE!!!!!

Something to keep HARRY and HERMIONE HAPPY - check out the Free Stuff area of our WIZARD-ly WEB SITE to hear our new MUGGLE MUSIC - a recording of the POTION-ish PARODY, "HARRY POTTER." It's a SNAPE SNAZZY rendition, rendered officially cool with the MUSICAL MAGIC of AZKABAN AMAZING vocal percussionist and everyone's favorite DRUM DEMENTOR, Wes Carroll*.


*Check him out at http://www.mouthdrumming.com or www.stylishandhotdrummerspittingonthemicrophonewithnoshirton.com

Glen Glen - Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:41 pm

CARA Award

We won the "Best Comedy Song" award in this year's Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards! Huzzah!
We got runner-up for both "Best Comedy Album" and "Best Comedy Song" last year, so actually winning this year just makes us feel all warm and squishy inside.

Tim Tim - Mon, 22 Mar 2004 9:22 pm

Several week recap

The last few weeks have been great, and I wanted to post a few fun things associated with each event, and thank certain people.

The Harmony Sweepstakes on Sat, March 6 was terrific - excellent music, great sets from all the groups. The dudes from Inpulse and No Better Cause, winners and runners-up respectively, were super cool to hang out with. Also great thanks to the 17th Avenue All-Stars, consumate performers and very nice people.

Saturday the 13th we did another rip-snortin' moosebutter Little Dudes at the Provo Library. If you were there, were still in diapers, and were less than 3 years old, you had a good time.

Saturday afternoon we sang for the great kids at the Springville Commitment to Youth program at Springville High School. Even though Mark Eaton didn't stick around to hear us sing (we were going to have a tall contest between him and Weston...). We had great requests, sing-a-longs, and an attempt at a song interpretation of "Chicken of the Sea" that turned into more of an interpretive mime. Thanks to all the great kids for sticking around to chat.

Friday March 19th we were at the Logan LDS Institute of Religion singing for a bunch of Enchilada-munching college students. Fun, fun stuff... some of the greatest sassy-cat suggestions EVER. Speaking of which, we lost the sassy cat.... I won two special distinctions that night: the most pointless anecdote / rambling in the history of moosebutter (and that's an accomplishment with Weston in the group), and someone recognized the end-of-Spider-Man-stick-to-the-wall thing I do for the aesthetic breakthrough that it is.

Weston also sang while executing a delicious head-stand.

Saturday der 20th we chugged down to Cedar City for the Iron County United Way fundraiser. Despite a couple of minor technical tics (Chris wearing the wrong set of feet), we had a great show, and the requests sections was fun, fun, fun. By the way, Cedar City, did any of you see the TV spot we did? What did you think?

Lastly, someone in Logan called Weston the Mexican John Belushi. Why that never before dawned us, we don't know.

Tim Tim - Mon, 1 Mar 2004 1:46 am

Fun in the Bay

We just got back from San Francisco - MAN was that fun. We hosted the Bay Area Harmony Sweepstakes. What a delight to hang out with such talented groups and see such great stuff. We had a whopping good time introducing all the groups, and sang a set while the judges were tallying scores. Thanks to everyone for the fine time!