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Tim Tim - Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:49 am

news from the road - Oct 14 2005

Tour, tour, tour, tour... the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy, the joy the joy, the joy the joy of being on tour.

Wednesday we cruised around northern Montana, did school diddies in Highwood and Geraldine - GREAT KIDS! Even the one who stole our poster off the wall. Then, show in the evening at Ft. Benton Elementary School Auditorium. Good show! Loved the red hat society ladies - hope we sang purty enough for you.

We had a cool fun aftershowparty at "Wake Cup" Coffee House (yar, 'tis a funny name) - run by the daughter of Ed who run's Brother Van's Bistro.

Another shout-out to Brother Van's Bistro - PLEASE people go to this restaurant it is so GOOOOOOOD and needs your business. Also, there is a river across the street!

The aftershowparty was fun, a few folks there, we sang Roni Mor! I love that song. I got to eat more of their amazing ribs. Also, great ice cream. Also, chips and salsa. And we sang some.

Thursday we dropped into Helena and did an evening show at Carrol College. Loosey-goosey, informal and fun, we spent like 15 minutes jabbering about old TV shows. Fraggle Rock. Mister Belvedere. H.R. Puff 'n' Stuff. Nostalgia!!!!

Now, we go to Ronan - it's in Middle Earth.


Tim Tim - Wed, 12 Oct 2005 2:10 am

news from the road - Oct 11 2005

Okay, so we're on the road - Tim, Chris, Weston, and Jeremiah - Glen is home holding down the fort - all kicking it in Wyoming and Montana.

We drove all night last Friday to get to Gillette, WY for a booking conference - lots of books, believe me - and in the midst of the short (12 minute) set for potential-hire-us-to-sing-in-our-community-people Weston busted out the best rendition of the Estonian National Anthem EVER.

Monday we ran around the town of Dillon, MT and did a night show there - very cool. UN BELIEVABLE and excrutiatingly LONG rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, we made a guy run laps around the auditorium. Also, Jeremiah is bald.

Tuesday we came up here to Ft. Benton - top of the Missouri river, it is - and did a cool school show and chilled in town a bit. Ate dinner at an AMAZING restaurant called Brother Van's Bistro. All I can say is, RIBS. If we had an official group mascot (other than Weston) it would be those ribs. Oh, mama.

Other neat things on the trip: we took pictures of the Hardee's drive-through crew; Tim found a mutant pair of gummy-orange-slices (mini-sized) that looked uncannily like Morpheus's sunglasses from The Matrix; Chris has read a lot; Weston has begun talking like a pirate; Jeremiah enchanted the audience in Ft. Benton by doing the truffle shuffle to win the cheerleading-move competition; countless bugs have died at the hands of our merciless windshield.

I have Tourette's. Not supposed to be a bad bun, just the cold hard fact. Weston-induced Tourette's, it is.

Also, pirates.

More news to come - stay posted!


Tim Tim - Sun, 2 Oct 2005 2:26 pm

October update

Thanks for everyone that visits the web site, signs the guestbook, and spreads your positive vibes. We enjoy your support.

You can now review moosebutter products at a-cappella.com -- go to
click on review product, sign in and tell everyone what you think! We'd appreciate your honest, positive reviews. Also gushy and effulgent. Just don't be geeky.

Also, there is a poll up at casa.org asking who your favorite comedy a cappella group is -- go vote for us! www.casa.org - it's right on the front page.

October in Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado; December in Utah and Colorado and maybe, if you set a venue for us, in your hometown. Check the calendar for details.

We're finalizing the holiday schedule. Stay tuned for details.

In addition to the super-cool shirts on our web site, we also have unique, limited-run stuff available at http://www.cafepress.com/moosebutter - stuff you cannot get anywhere else. Because nothing says "moosebutter" like a bumper sticker that says "moosebutter."
We usually offer you show or merchandise discounts if you come to a show wearing something purchased from cafepress.

Please let us know your ideas of stuff we can do to make your moosebutter experience better. Ideas of merchandise you'd like to buy? Venues we should do a show at? People we should contact to set up gigs? Let us know!

There's a new moosebutter fan site - http://mooseheadsunited.tripod.com/index.htm
Visit, join, let them know what you think! Also, if you have a fan site or other moosebutter tribute, let us know! We love getting fan art, pictures from shows, and residue from your latest surgery.

Tim Tim - Wed, 7 Sep 2005 10:24 pm

BYU article

Our good friend, and admited moosebutterphile Eric wrote an article about our latest CD release. Found, here:


Tim Tim - Mon, 25 Jul 2005 2:45 pm

OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT: Da Vinci's Notebook Captured

July 25
Police today confirmed rumors that a cappella comedy "Man Band" Da Vinci's Notebook is in fact responsible for the drive-by cameo appearance in moosebutter's recent recording of "Witch Doctor," featured on their new album udder won.
Witnesses confirmed that the comedy vocal quartet Da Vinci's Notebook, formerly based in Washington, D.C., drove their vehicle through the Sydney Opera House where moosebutter was recording a segment of their song, an arrangement of the tune made popular by Dave Seville and the Chipmunks. Sonic evidence is found on the recording of "Witch Doctor," available for purchase as a single song download or on the full CD moosebutter: udder won, both available at www.moosebutter.com. A car can clearly be heard driving through the recording session with horn honking wildly. Numerous rumors had surfaced as to who propagated the act of audio sabotage. Da Vinci's Notebook was suspected, as were The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Chaka Khan, and The Spice Girls. But until today, the true identity of the offenders remained a mystery.
And mysterious it remains in at least one way. Witnesses had initially identified the offending vehicle as The A-Team van, but official reports have revealed that the vehicle was in fact Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine, normally used by Scooby Doo and his animated associates in their well-publicized crime-fighting adventures, spray-painted to resemble The A-Team van. No explanation has been made as to how Da Vinci's Notebook came into possession of the vehicle.
Mr. T, the official driver of The A-Team van, was released from custody upon revelation of the news. He and other A-Team members were not available for comment. The A-Team declined to comment on reports that they or someone sounding suspiciously like them appear on another moosebutter: udder won song, "I Hate Mosquitos."
Witnesses to the unexpected intrusion of Da Vinci's Notebook into moosebutter's recording include Henry Kissinger, Abe Vigoda, Japanese singing sensation Yatta, and the skier who's crashing down the hill when they say "...and the agony of defeat" on ABC's The Wild World of Sports.
Witnesses also described Da Vinci's Notebook's action of exposing their bare buttocks out the van windows, a practice popularly known as "mooning." Authorities are baffled as to why the members of Da Vinci's Notebook were directing their unique salute out the windows facing away from moosebutter, and also how they could drive the freaking van while all of them had their posteriors pointed to the sky.
moosebutter responded to the incident by growing more hair on their chests.
This information has been confirmed by Da Vinci's Notebook spokesperson Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo, whose official remarks were far too profanity-laden to print in a public forum. DiCostanzo also confirmed that the group was on their way to Hartford, Connecticut to dine at the USS Chowder Pot IV, an area seafood restaurant, when they took a shortcut that lead them into the recording session. They also thought that they were mooning Bobby McFerrin, which is why they left the two state senators of Louisiana bound and gagged on the floor of the van and did not let them participate.
Government officials have issued an official statement warning against retaliation, and religious officials have counseled their congregations to remain indoors to avoid possible violence stemming from the recent confrontation.
Report by Tim "Herbivore" Jones with research by Storm "Your Man on the Street" DiCostanzo.