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Tim Tim - Wed, 27 Aug 2003 3:17 pm

I'm having a fine day

Other than the perpetual ache in my back, my day has been simply peachy. I'm wearing a tie, and I have the theme song from "American Gladiators" running through my head. What could be better?


Glen Glen - Mon, 25 Aug 2003 1:46 pm

Fan art

At some point, I might be adding a whole "Fan art" section to this website.

Right now, though, we just have one piece to proudly display:
Behold the Dancing Turkey, created by Court.

Tim Tim - Mon, 18 Aug 2003 1:05 pm

Helper! Home of Arts, Festivals, and Drunkards

We had a fabulous time at the Helper Arts Festival last Saturday, and did a great show, and you should have SEEN Weston do that interpretive dance with the hula-hoop... you'd have nightmares for a week...

The best thing about the show was the table with a few DRUNKS right next to the stage. WINEBIBBERS. LUSHES. SAUCED MOUNTAIN MONKEYS WITH LOUD, INCOMPREHENSIBLE LANGUAGE. They were totally funny, and we took great pains to embarrass them to the delight of the much-less-intoxicated rest of the audience, and I'm sure the drunks feel great about it because they have absolutely no memory of the events of that day, and probably of the day after. Ha ha!

Also, we ate Wendy's on the way there.

Texas Twister.

Glen Glen - Wed, 25 Jun 2003 12:00 am


You can now buy MP3s of individual songs from see dee.
For example, you can now pay for "Jell-O" without "Spew".

Each song is only 99 cents. Go check out the new store. It will make you feel nifty.

Tim Tim - Mon, 5 May 2003 12:00 am

moosebutter... wins....

So the excellent Chinese food and 2 days of relaxing tourist action was not enough -- moosebutter also won second place (1st runner-up) at the 2003 Harmony Sweepstakes in California! The judges also awarded "Psycho: The Musical" a special award for "Best Original Song," even though it's not an original song, but they wanted to honor the original lyrics.

Wow, huh?

More info at http://www.harmony-sweepstakes.com, or by reading the rec.music.a-cappella USENET newsgroup.
(If your computer isn't set up for USENET access, you can go to rec.music.a-cappella through Google Groups instead).