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Tim Tim - Wed, 3 Jan 2007 9:00 pm

New Year - listen to some music!

Happy New Year! Complete with that delicious new-year smell.

Listen to some music, otay? Check out our mp3 shop - you can buy the individual songs you like, or download the whole album in mp3 form.

Also, the LOUNGE - unique, original, rare recordings that you can't find anywhere else!

Happy New wait I already said that.

Tim Tim - Wed, 22 Nov 2006 2:08 pm

getting ready for the crazy holiday season... hoooooooAAAAAAAHHHHH

Happy holidays, ya'lls - injest thyself some turkey and buy thyself mounds of merchandise!

Go hear the new CD, yah? As always, we'd love to get tons of feedback from you - we want to know what you dig!

And don't forget to get to our shows - bring your friends, bring your family, the Christmas show is going to be better than ever! You should print the flyer and pass it around to everyone you know. They'll thank you for it.

Tim Tim - Sat, 7 Oct 2006 6:01 pm

dee's ember - moosebutter Christmas album

dee's ember
It's here!

dee's ember is ready for your interwebbish consumption.

You can go listen to (and buy!) the music right now.

For now, you can still buy all the mp3s on dee's ember for a measly $7.99. Individual mp3s are the regular 99 cents, so that's basically a 50% discount if you buy that package deal.

Physical CDs are at a holiday special price of only $11.95

Tim Tim - Sat, 7 Oct 2006 5:59 pm

newest news

moosebutter is proud to declare the November 2006 release of the highly anticipated moosebutter Christmas album... DEE'S EMBER

(wait for it...)

dee's ember will be available to purchase AS A COMPLETE ALBUM DOWNLOAD FROM MOOSEBUTTER.COM ONLY very soon, with album presales also available (available now, in fact)

2: Street Team
if you'd like to help spread the moosebutter word and get free stuff from us - join the street team! Help us put up posters, email fans, and help at concerts in exchange for show tickets and merchandise. Plus you'll get to hang out with us! Email tim@moosebutter.com for details. Please include name, age, city you live, etc.

3: videos
a) if you haven't seen it already, we have new video up on the internet - youtube, googlevideo, putfile - just enter moosebutter and you'll find it. There will be more coming soon, so check back!
b) we have our new promotional videos up at moosebutter.com/pressGOODIES - please pass this link along to everyone you know who might possibly ever wish to book moosebutter. And watch them yourselves to quench your moosebutter thirst!

Tim Tim - Wed, 2 Aug 2006 12:32 pm

hot August newsletter - welcome Jorge!


Quick note to Colorado fans -- sorry about all of you who were excited to see us in August-- due to unforeseen travel plans, we've had to cancel our August dates. HOWEVER we will definitely be there in October! Hoo-aaaah!


1) meet Jorge
2) tour report
3) basic calendar
4) do I have an extra thumb?

1) meet Jorge
You may have heard the news; you may have heard the gossip; well, it's true, and now that he's tromped through the wilds of North Dakota with us we feel it's high time to officially introduce our new bass singer/vocal percussionist extraordinaire, JORGE JONES.
Jorge (pronounced George, and sometimes written that way but only by the uninitianted) is from Amherst, MA. You really need to see him perform -- he's excellent talented, and you'll be amazed when you you realize he's only been singing seriously for 2 years, and percussing for less than one. He just graduated from High School. Yup, a kid. But when we were running auditions, he wowed us with his raw talent, performance savvy, energy and overall coolness.

He also has an amazing afro. What's not to love?

Jorge will be with us for a while, though you might see Glen, Jeremiah or other singers pop up on occasion.

2) tour report

We had a tour, to Montana and North Dakota. Next we go to Wyoming and Idaho. For details see the shows page, or check your rubik's cube.

3) basic calendar
We have shows. See the calendar. No need to type them here, hey?

4) do I have an extra thumb?
I don't remember.

See you soon!