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Tim Tim - Sun, 5 Apr 2009 10:36 pm

That cute girl at the A Cappella Jam

March 31 - last Tuesday - Tim and Weston were at the BYU A Cappella Jam - Tim singing his solo live-looping, Weston MCing - and this girl and her mom come up and tell us that the girl won a 2nd grade talent show singing 'Captain Organic Vegetable Man.' Whu?!?!?!?!?

So Weston had her come up on stage and the two of them sang the song. She nailed every word. He did the animal sounds. She was fantastic.

And I got to watch it from the audience - one of only 3 times I've ever watched Veggie Man from the audience! Hey!

Tim Tim - Thu, 5 Mar 2009 8:38 pm

The thing about Ducks is, they make terrible chauffeurs.

Tim Tim - Sun, 18 Jan 2009 5:33 pm

Star Wars video, how we miss you...

moosebutter has finally gotten attention from a major music company!

Unfortunately, it came in the form of pre-emptive legal action.

Corey Vidal and our Star Wars videos were taken down by Warner Music Company, or Warner Brothers, or Warner INC ... all we know is, Warner has gotten picky about 'their' content on youtube, and even though there are a dozen other videos on youtube with our Star Wars song, and hundreds of videos that illegally rip footage from Harry Potter DVDs, and fake Batman trailers and etc etc etc Warner has been kind enough to target our stuff.

This means one thing: we've finally hit the big time! Maybe.

So, we apologize about the videos being gone, but the youtube powers are looking into it, so we hear.

We also believe that the music will still be sold from our web site, since we think we've done everything legally... but we thought the youtube videos were legal, too. So, buy the mp3 now before it gets taken down! Hooray!

Tim Tim - Mon, 15 Dec 2008 3:42 pm

People's Choice Award - and official Star Wars info

Corey Vidal and moosebutter have been nominated for a People's Choice Award, from CBS! You and everyone you know can vote daily until Jan 7th here:


Click on 'vote now' and scroll to the 'Favorite User Generated Video' category.

FAQ About Star Wars - there's a lot of confusion about the origin of the Star Wars song, since many people are attributing it solely to Corey Vidal. Here is information to clear up the mis-information, which we have little hope that the people who need it will read it.

  • Music is from 6 different not-Star Wars movies, all written by John Williams.

  • Words are paraphrased or directly from the original Star Wars trilogy, by George Lucas, et al.

  • Song was arranged spring 1999 by Josh Slagowski and Bryant Smith, original members of moosebutter, in Salt Lake City, UT. Parts were re-arranged later by Mister Tim (Tim Y. Jones)

  • Song was recorded in 2000 by Josh, Bryant, and Tim, and re-recorded in 2002 by Tim, Chris, Glen, and Weston, the new cast of moosebutter.

  • There have been almost 50 different cast members of moosebutter since 1999, including subs and special guests. About half of those have sung Star Wars.

  • Corey Vidal contacted us in summer 2008 to ask permission to produce his video. We said yes.

  • WHAM BAM internet explosion.

  • Corey is lip-synching to the 2002 studio recording of moosebutter. It was recorded at June Audio, Provo, UT. Corey filmed his video in his kitchen.

  • moosebutter filmed their response video in November 2008. Corey was the most vocal supporter of us producing the new video, and he graciously posted it to his popular YouTube channel to generate more views.

  • At the time of posting, Corey's video has more than 3.2 million more views than moosebutter's. That's because Corey is cuter, and smells better.

Tim Tim - Sat, 6 Dec 2008 3:48 pm

More YouTube!

We've finally posted our response to Corey Vidal's epic video. Our version was recorded live in a studio - that's why we're holding microphones, hey? - which means we sang the song, one take, while they filmed us, and the audio sounds rough because it's live, and the mic levels peaked here and there, and because, oh ya, it's LIVE.

Corey was lip synching to our older CD version in his video. I agree, his sounds better... because it's from a studio-recorded CD. We wanted people to see that the song can be done live - not that anyone who has ever seen MUSIC before would doubt that - and to see us, the guys who have been singing the song for almost ten years.

For a quick history, moosebutter premiered Star Wars in May of 1999. It was arranged by Josh Slagowski and Bryant Smith, and Tim Jones did some re-arrange edits later. It was recorded in 2000 on moosebutter's original self-titled cd (now mercifully retired), and again in 2002 for the cd see dee. moosebutter has been performing the song in live shows since 1999.

Our new video version:

If you'd like to see more moosebutter, check out these other videos: